– 18k white gold plated post, great for sensitive ears
– Popular princess cut cubic zirconia stone
– 1 Carat/6mm size – not too big or small for most ears
– Packaged in stylish gift box

Luvami Earrings

Was so excited to get this little black box.  Am such a sucker for anything shiny!  Boy, do they shine when the light catches them just so.   Versatile too.  These bad boys can be worn with the most elegant evening wear or paired with your favorite pair of jeans and sweatshirt with hair pulled back in a messy bun any day.   I love these earrings!  #LUVAMIEARRINGS



Giving a Virtual Shout Out

If you’re looking for adventure and need geared up for it, check out this site. Smart Lad, from where I’m sitting, looks to be your one stop shop for adventure gear. Stop over and check out his blog … don’t forget to tell him ZenCricket sent you.



Landano Wine Aerator Decanter




Product Details

Wine will never taste the same to you again after experiencing the flavor achieved with the Landano Wine Aerator. Wine aerators efficiently and easily accelerate the process of aeration, traditionally performed by swirling a wine glass or decanting wine into a wine decanter and then leaving it there for an hour prior to use. Time-honored practices though they may be, such methods take considerably longer to open up the wine – a process essential to achieving the best that wine has to offer. To expedite this process, we have brought you a superior wine aeration product that will maximize your drinking pleasure with the greatest of ease. In just one easy step, the premium Wine Aerator by Landano will dramatically enhance the flavor and finish of any wine. Taking care to avoid covering the air holes at the side, simply hold the aerator above a glass or wine decanter and pour from the wine bottle of your choice into the amply sized aerator cavity. The sound of bubbling will assure you of its effectiveness. The newly air-infused wine will then pour straight into the glass. To avoid dripping after use, just shake the aerator gently and place in the neat no-drip stand. The aerator also comes with a filter to remove wine sediments; an instruction manual; a black velvet pouch for safekeeping; and a unique BONUS ebook entitled “20 Things You MUST Know About Red Wine” for wine novices and connoisseurs alike. What’s more, it’s packaged in a classy red-and- black gift box, making it that perfect gift for any occasion. Or treat yourself and add it to your home bar collection for elegant dining. With the Landano Wine Aerator, your next glass of wine will be fit for a king…

I am neither a wine enthusiast nor a connoisseur.   Especially the type of wine needed to really bring out what this device has to offer.  However, in my arsenal, I have a Sister who is a connoisseur of what is good and not so good about wine.  I knew she would enjoy having a Landano Wine Aerator

Not quite sure what I was expecting the size to be however, it is rather small.  It does not give actual dimensions anywhere that I was able to find.  That’s okay.  I’ll just let you know … it’s rather small yet such a cute, nifty little gadget to add to the wet bar.

Now … how I try and describe, in written word, my Sister’s explanation of how it made the wine taste better.  Hmm … let me give this a go.  She said it took the, “Whaa waaa” out of the sometimes very tart red wines.  I like the way she describes things to me!  Just wish I knew how to put them into real words .. hehe.

Well, there you have it folks!  She enjoyed it and gave it a thumbs up.  Happy Sister! ūüôā





Tastmate Cruet Set

Today on tap I have the Tastmate Cruet Set.


Right off the bat, I’m going to go for it …  Tastmate….  Finding it hard to read their description on Amazon.  I feel a second look needs to be taken and it re-worded.

Down to the actual set itself. 

It’s really cute!  Was smaller than I expected, for some reason.  But am glad it was.  Fits perfect on the counter.  Doesn’t take up a whole lot of critical space near the stove.


The salt & pepper shakers shake well and just the right amount each time.  The oil and vinegar dispensers were not marked as to which went where.  Took a chance and picked the right one as the vinegar comes out in just the right amount.  Thank goodness, because I would hate to have as much vinegar on my salad as the amount of olive oil comes out into the pan.  That would be one tart salad.

As pictured above, the stainless steel cover comes off the plastic container for easy viewing while filling, so as to not over-fill and spill every where.  I did very much enjoy this aspect of the set.  As well as the rubber cover on the tip of the dispenser.


Even though I do feel for the price of $29.99 that the plastic could be glass, I do very much like this set.  It adds a professional feel to the stove area of the kitchen that wasn’t there before.

I would recommend this set to any novice.  It’s the perfect starter set!











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Cozy Phones – The Headphones You'll L.O.V.E.


When approached to review the Cozy Phones, I looked them up on Amazon.  My initial reaction, of course, was to wonder where these were when my two were coming up.  Sure could have used them!  So, I was already anxious for their arrival.

I put them on the second I got them open.¬† Was delighted to see I received the panda.¬† Adoresies!¬† The headband itself is super soft.¬† My only issue with them for myself is that they become quite warm on my forehead.¬† I’m a hot box though.¬† So, no wearing them to the beach for me.¬† They would be a sweat catcher and I really wouldn’t want to do that to them.

I suffer from chronic pain and fibromyalgia and tend to have to lay down often throughout the day.¬† The Cozy Phones are amazing in that they afford me the luxury of being able to listen to music while laying down comfortably.¬† No more awful ear buds or bulky headphones that hurt my ears.¬† The Cozy Phones are wonderful!¬† The phones themselves are very soft and flexible.¬† It’s as if I don’t even have them on but, I do!

Parents!  Mommies!  Daddies!  Your kiddos need these for those long trips on the road to see Grandma and Grandpa.  They can watch or listen to their devices while affording you the ability to concentrate on the road without the distraction of all the background noise.  Maybe carry on a conversation in the car with your significant other?

I absolutely love the Cozy Phones.¬† I gave them a 9 on the comfort scale only because they are a bit warm for me. Otherwise, it would have been 10’s across the board. Recommend them for all ear sizes of all ages. ūüôā

Thank you for allowing me to review the Cozy Phones.


Smitten with the Panda!






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Stitch Fix – What Is It and Is It Worth the $?

Stitch Fix is a personal style service that evolves with your taste, needs and lifestyle, as it reads on the website homepage.  I was first introduced to Stitch Fix via a friend.  Then, I seen an ad for them on Facebook and decided I would finally take a look.

First: a thorough quiz to get an idea of your personal style and preference. ¬†Be ready to answer questions about your measurements. ¬†If you don’t know them off the top of your head, have a tape measure handy.

Only a snippet of the measurements they will ask for.

They will ask your price range on each category.  I am on a fixed budget so I had to ask for the cheaper, the better on everything.  At the end of the quiz there is an area for special instructions / information, if any.  My special instructions were that I needed something casual, airy, and very budget friendly. Emphasis on the budget friendly, as you can see.

This was closest to my own personal style than the other 3 options they gave.  Loved everything about all three outfits above.

Second: $20 up front to pay the personal stylist to hand-select the outfit with accessories.

Third: Select a date when you would like your first box to be shipped.

That is it in a nut-shell.  Very easy.  I did all 3 steps in less than 30 mins and that was having to measure as I do not know my measurements off the top of my head.   I opted to have the box sent later in the month.  I actually forgot about it until it showed up.


These are the two outfit combos I received. ¬†Adoresies! Loved everything in the box but the tote … am not a tote fan at all.

Lawler Two pocket top by Skies are Blue with Ruxin Distressed Boyfriend jean – Mavi.

Lawler two pocket long sleeve top with the Ruxin Distressed Boyfriend Jeans and Anchorage Laser cut Tote – Street Level.

Serafina Lace detail cardigan – Le Lis with Corrie Back cut out knit top – Nine Britton and Ruxin Distressed Boyfriend Jean.


Same outfit as above just added the Anchorage Laser cut Tote.

I would wear everything that was sent.  Just cute as a button!

This was my #1 box price list as follows –

Tote – $64.00
Knit Top – $28.00
Pocket Top – $58.00
Cardigan – $58.00
Jeans – $98.00
Subtotal $306.00
Buy 5 Discount 25%* -$76.50
Styling Fee Credit -$20.00
Total  $209.50

If I wasn’t on a thrift store budget now, this whole concept is ideal for me. ¬†I have severe social anxiety. ¬†Going into a busy mall isn’t an option. ¬†Having a service / business as this one is brilliant, in my opinion.

How do you get the items back you don’t want? ¬†They supply a prepaid mailing bag. ¬†Pack up what you don’t want in the prepaid bag and drop it in the mail within 3 days. ¬†Easy!

They offer a referral program!  $25 added to your account for everyone that starts and ships their first Fix through your link.
here is mine : Cecilia / ZenCricket Referral 

Try it out! ¬†It’s fun to get a couple of outfits through the mail.

I give this whole experience 5 stars, two thumbs up and the Zen seal of approval.

 Stitch Fix




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