Jasper, Indiana – Seven Year Resident Review

Part – II

When the decision was finally made to move to Jasper, first item on the list was a place to call home.  A few trips up and down the streets told me right away the tried and true method of hunting down housing was not going to work here.  So, to a good friend I went asking for advice and a few leads.  He knew of a few places so we rode by them.  Not quite what I had had in mind, but not about to close doors either, I wrote everything down.  Finally, we made our way to Rolling Fields.   There it was!  Exactly what I had been looking for.  We drove into the parking lot and turned around.  I recall my friend stating, after looking at the location of one, that was the perfect one for me.  As luck would have it, that was the one I ended up in.

The picture on the right is the only one I could find that allowed enough to show the actual “rolling fields” in the back.  Is a beautiful view, truly.  Fall and winter evenings, the coyotes run back there and you can hear them howl and yip.  You wouldn’t think so being as close in town as we really are here, but you can.

I rented this place from Premier Property Management on Mill St. in Jasper.  In the 7 years that I have been a renter, there have only been a few hiccups.  One being, I was turned in for illegally dumping in the dumpster provided by property management.  Police knocked on the door and everything!  I’m still not 100% sure the details on that one.  The matter was cleared quickly and the Officer and I both left shaking our heads.

Moving on …

Living in Jasper comes doing business with Jasper City Municipal Utility.  Located on Main St., in downtown Jasper, be prepared to either drive up or walk in to some sour faces.  You’ll not be greeted with a smile here folks.  Not sure what they do to these ladies, but you’ll be hard pressed to get these embittered dames to crack even a smirk.  Don’t show up expecting to pay with a credit or debit card either.  It may 2017 to the rest of world but not to the Municipal Utility office.  Strictly cash, check or money order in this establishment.  Yes, it does make it rather difficult at times and puts a strain on the unexpected when going into the office just expecting to be able to pay by debit.  Do not ask if they will be switching to this, this millennium.  That too is frowned upon in this establishment.  Tip toe in … tip toe out.

For a smaller town, Jasper has quite a lovely library.  Made up of three other branches in the county, the Jasper library boasts quite an extensive collection of books.  I was pleasantly surprised the first time I walked inside.  Although it is not a large building, they have it laid out as such inside to maximize and utilize as much floor space as they possibly can.  Matter of fact, they are quite busting at the seams.   If there is a book you are wanting and they do not have it in house, they will have it at one of the other locations.  Getting it in hand may take a few weeks, depending if the book had just been checked out or not.  Otherwise, a day or two at most before you are relaxing and reading away.

Jasper is home to three large Catholic Churches.  St. Joseph’s Church being downtown and most visible as it can be seen right off Newton St.  St. Joseph’s Church was founded in 1837 by a Croatia missionary named Father Joseph Kundek.  I would like to say I knew more of this magnificent piece of architecture but unfortunately I do not.    I do, however, have a link where you may read more about this lovely place if you so desire. History of St. Joseph

I have heard many kids call this Church Cinderella’s Castle.  However, The Eldest called this Quasi’s house.  As in Quasimodo of the Hunchback of Notre Dame.  That sticks with me still to this day.






Along with St. Joseph comes a rather mysterious place called the Grotto.  Constructed over ten years on the site of a former handball court on the grounds of the Providence Home, the Geode Grotto was the idea of Father Phillip Ottavi, an Italian immigrant who was inspired by religious grottoes in Europe. As a child he was orphaned by the Messina earthquake, which killed 100,000 or more people in Italy in 1908, which led to his involvement with the Order of the Sons of Divine Providence who are dedicated to helping the less fortunate. ~Providence Home

Finally, you’ve not fully experienced Jasper, living here or passing through, unless you’ve sat down for a good German meal at the Schnitzelbank Restaurant.   German / American cuisine, lederhosen, and beer.  Ya!  Dat will be fun!   I have heard different from separate people.  Some say the value is great and the service terrible, others say
the food is amazing and the service lousy.  All of them say they have a great beer selection.  Isn’t that what really matters?