What's Your Go-To Candle Scent?


My go-to scent was/is the tried and true apple cinnamon.  Something about that particular aroma that just soothes my soul.  Reminds me of so many memories – all good ones too!  My favorite memory associated with the spice of cinnamon was my Aunt & Uncle’s travel camper.  It was comfortable, inviting and full of so much love.  She forever had a cup of tea waiting for me … as if she knew I was going to knock.

I’ve recently moved.  New location … new scent is my thinking.  I’m still looking for scent that defines my feelings while here in the new place.  It’s a process.

So, during this process, I came across an advertisement for Goose Creek Candles.   I’m sure you’ve seen them too.  Before I go on, I need too say that I’ve been a die hard Yankee customer for years.  A stop at the Yankee store was a must at every trip to the mall.  So, when I clicked on the link for Goose Creek I really wasn’t looking to be impressed at all.  Man … was I blown outta my seat!  I even took the time to read the “About Us” section of the site.  Am such a sucker for a touching story.  Theirs is surely one!  But, you didn’t come here for all that ….

Onto the good stuff!

I’ve made two separate orders with Goose Creek.  The first: I ordered wax melts in blueberry cheesecake, banana nut bread and apple cider.  Along with a 24oz jar of blueberry cheesecake


They come with double wicks, so they burn evenly
and all the way to the bottom.  I like that!

I didn’t enjoy the apple cider as much as I thought I would.
The scent was blah.


No picture for banana nut bread – sorry.  I really enjoyed this scent a lot!  So it’s a thumbs up and 5 stars for blueberry cheesecake and banana nut bread.  Thumbs down and no stars for apple cider.


Second order:

Strawberry Lemonade Cupcake!  The name alone just sounded like fun to me, so I had to try it.  It smells heavenly!  I have this one in my little corner of the house.  It’s still just not quite the one though.

I got the Sweet Honeysuckle for my Sister.  We have this one in the dinning room.  It is like walking outside when you walk through there now.  It’s not over-bearing as some floral can be.  It has a fresh, sweet smell … but not sickly sweet.  It’s just right.  I’m not sure how it would do in a smaller area, as our dinning / kitchen area is rather open and a large space.  I could see this one maybe being too much in a small room.  But, then that’s all in preference and your sniffer. 🙂

This one was my “Let’s try it” buy.  It’s called Warm Wishes and it smells just like yellow cake batter.  YUM!  Yes, I have a fixation with baked goods and my candles.  Sis likes floral.  We clash!  Luckily, we live in a rather large home with my end on one side and hers on the other.  It works!


Now … for my next order … I must try ….                                                                                                                                Banana Pudding!   Yes, please!


I’m a die hard Goose Creek fan now.  Love their candles.  Love how they started their company.  Easy to order.  Quick to ship.  Notification of shipment is superb!  Arrives in good condition as they take good care to wrap and pack properly.  All around great company and product.  I support them! 🙂