Bamboo Laptop-Desk from Ucharge


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I have been so excited to get this tray!

With all the health problems that have come up in the last year alone, spending time in bed has become a must.  However, I can only lay here for so long before my brain just speeds into over-drive and nearly out of control with creative ideas.  Therefore, being able to work the brain while relaxing the body has become my new normal.  The wonderful people at Ucharge gave me this awesome opportunity to review their beautifully crafted bamboo tray.

It came double boxed and bubble wrapped for extra security in transport.   Size: 21 5/8”L x 13 3/4”W x 11 3/4”H. Weight: 5.26Lbs. Lightweight and foldable. Made of 100% superior natural bamboo, durable and environmentally friendly.

Easy to maneuver lockable legs with 5 different tray tilting angles for a better viewing experience..  The flowering slots leave it open for air to get to the laptop so it doesn’t over heat for those long nights hard at work.

Also comes equipped with a cup holder and a drawer!

Personally, while working with the tray in bed, I will not be using the cup holder.  Too risky!  Great idea though.

The tray itself is very sturdy overall.  It holds the laptop, tablet, phone and stylus pens.  Along with my bamboo mouse!  🙂

I recommend this tray for anyone who needs / wants a tray.  Beautiful color and craftsman ship.  Overall great find!

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