PillSuite – Innovative Way to Carry Medications.

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 PillSuite is a convenient, clean and FUN way to organize, store and travel with medications and vitamins.  Whether you are organizing for a week or a month, you can now efficiently carry medications and vitamins with you to work, class, the gym, or travel without the worry of a mishap in the bag during transportation.
“Enjoy the freedom and convenience that PillSuite gives you as you travel with confidence”


  Write the day and time on the easy to tear, biodegradable bag (supplied).

Refills can be found on Amazon.com or follow the link supplied.





What all is included?

  • 2 rolls of 200 bags
  • 4 AA batteries
  • 7-section sorter
  • 1 sealer
  • All wrapped up tightly in a small box for easy storage.


PillSuite has so many uses for taking regular medications, vitamins and supplements. You can bring all your pills with you, remember whether you have taken them, and keep them ready to travel at a moment’s notice. Need to adjust dosages? No problem with PillSuite!

PillSuite is so easy to use.  The video below shows just how little effort it actually takes to seal the biodegradable bag.

(that’s my own shaky hand on a daily basis.  There is no strain when pushing the button.)

There is a small light, as shown in the video, on the mid left side of the sealer.  The light comes on when pressure is placed on the button.  Release the button after the light goes off and WAh-LA!  Medication all set to be carried with you wherever you are going for the day.

Four VERY easy steps to this process.

   1. Sort medication and/or supplements with the supplied 7-section sorter.


 2. Easy tear away bag opens at the top.  Insert the spout of the sorter into the bag and dump the pill load inside.


 3. Gently press on the large button at the top of the sealer until the light at the left turns off.

 4. The bag is now sealed and you are ready to go!

Easy pee-sie!


Where do I find one?

Follow the links below!  You’re well on your way to being pillbox free.



This nifty little gadget comes in handy.  I don’t have to deal with bulkie pill boxes or worry that my medication in the bottles would happen to get lost or stolen, heaven forbid, while I am on the go.   I can stow them in a inside pocket in my purse.

 They are no bigger than a lipstick. I also carry them in a small coin purse.

  Wherever I am … I’m prepared.


Thank you, Chronic Illness Bloggers, PillSuite and to all who are reading.


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