Tastmate Cruet Set

Today on tap I have the Tastmate Cruet Set.


Right off the bat, I’m going to go for it …  Tastmate….  Finding it hard to read their description on Amazon.  I feel a second look needs to be taken and it re-worded.

Down to the actual set itself. 

It’s really cute!  Was smaller than I expected, for some reason.  But am glad it was.  Fits perfect on the counter.  Doesn’t take up a whole lot of critical space near the stove.


The salt & pepper shakers shake well and just the right amount each time.  The oil and vinegar dispensers were not marked as to which went where.  Took a chance and picked the right one as the vinegar comes out in just the right amount.  Thank goodness, because I would hate to have as much vinegar on my salad as the amount of olive oil comes out into the pan.  That would be one tart salad.

As pictured above, the stainless steel cover comes off the plastic container for easy viewing while filling, so as to not over-fill and spill every where.  I did very much enjoy this aspect of the set.  As well as the rubber cover on the tip of the dispenser.


Even though I do feel for the price of $29.99 that the plastic could be glass, I do very much like this set.  It adds a professional feel to the stove area of the kitchen that wasn’t there before.

I would recommend this set to any novice.  It’s the perfect starter set!











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